Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java

Java developers can easily build and deploy new Java applications for Windows Azure, or migrate existing Java applications to Windows Azure, through the use of the Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java (by Microsoft Open Technologies). The open source Eclipse plugin provides templates and functionality for creating, developing, testing, and deploying Windows Azure applications using the Eclipse development environment. Full source code is available from the project site under the Apache License 2.0.

The Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse is a great example of how Windows Azure meets developers where they are, allowing them to use the tools and technologies they already know while also taking full advantage of Windows Azure services, scalability, and high availability.

Key features of the plugin include:

The plugin is constantly evolving in response to community feedback. For example, here are some of the feature that have been added in recent updates:

The plugin is part of a larger toolkit which also includes:

Here are resources where you can learn more about the Windows Azure Plugin for Eclipse with Java: