Windows Azure Web Sites Gallery

Web-Sites-IconPopular OSS packages such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OrchardCMS, MediaWiki, phpBB, and others can be deployed to Windows Azure web sites directly from the Windows Azure management portal. Just select the package you want to work with, provide package-specific configuration information as prompted, and your web site is up and running, ready to customize or deploy an existing application.

To deploy an OSS package from the gallery to a Windows Azure web site, go to the management portal, then click New / Web Site / From Gallery as shown here:


You’ll then see a list of packages that can be selected for deployment to your web site. You can search by name, or browse apps within categories such as Blogs, CMS, Ecommerce, Forums, Galleries, and Wiki. The list is constantly growing, and currently includes these options:

Select a package from the list, and you’ll then be prompted for any additional configuration information needed to deploy the selected package. For example, if you select WordPress you’ll then be prompted for the URL to be used for your new WordPress web site:


You will also be prompted to provide a unique name for the MySQL database that will be created for your WordPress site (using the ClearDB database service for Windows Azure):


After those two simple steps, your database will be automatically created, a web site will be provisioned, and WordPress will be deployed. You can then navigate to your site’s URL (as specified above in the first configuration step), and finish the configuration of your site through the standard WordPress setup screen:


To learn more about Windows Azure Web Sites, you can find tutorials, documentation, videos, whitepapers, and more at